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Local Delivery

We deliver packages for you, too

Sometimes the city can be a crowded place. Walking or taking the metro from one borough to another can be exhausting. We deliver packages to make your life easier! Use our services at Cooperativa Car Service to get just the doorstep service you are looking for in New York City.


We deliver documents and packages, depending on your needs. From personal transportation to business delivery service, we do it all. Our logistic services can't be beat.

We do corporate deliveries!

Does your company have a lot of corporate documents needed throughout the New York City area? We can deliver your corporate documents same day. The best thing is that we NEVER close! We operate 24/7 for your business.

The weather doesn't stop our deliveries

We all know how harsh the winters are in the New York City area. This does not stop our delivery service! If you need something brought to a home, office, or restaurant, we are available to make the delivery, sunshine, rain or snow.

We have been servicing the North Queens community since 1992!

Pay with your credit or debit card for ease of use:





Timeliness is the name of our game

Your time is valuable. At Cooperativa Car Service, we make timely deliveries and pick-ups. The time that you schedule with us is the time that we will make your pick-up happen!

Choose our delivery service within NYC | We deliver across the 5 boroughs

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We NEVER Close 24/7/365 Non-Stop Service

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